SEND New Age Kurling - Year 3&4

Close Sorry, we are no longer taking bookings for this event

Event description

      teams of 4 

§  squad size: 4 - 6 

       only one team per school  but you can also, by booking onto the YEAR 5/6 New Age Kurling event on the same day and venue, bring a team to that comp as well. 


Competition Format:

§  Each match will be 2 ends depending on time 

§  Points awarded are: 5 for a Win, 3 for a Draw and 1 for a Loss

§  Group games to be followed by knockout stages


Sports Specific rules:

§  The game will start once the first team delivers their first stone, they will then alternate between the two teams to deliver the remaining stones.

§  Each player delivers stones corresponding to their colour, red or blue towards the target at the opposite end of the court.

§  The target has concentric circles in red, white and blue – this is the scoring zone. The outer white section of the target are not included in the scoring zone.

§  The stone which is within the scoring zone and closest to the centre of the target is deemed to be ‘scoring’. Other stones of the same colour as the closest stone will score if they are also in the scoring zone and are closer to the centre than any of the opponent’s stone.

§  Scores possible in a single game for any one end are: 0-0, 1-0, 2-0, 3-0 or 4-0

§  Stones can be propelled using any part of the body or using a pusher, providing that the player is behind the delivery line on releasing the stone.

§  A stone is ruled ‘dead’ and taken out of play if:

v  It goes out of the playing area

v  It rebounds from an object outside of the court

v  It lands upside down

v  The player commits a foot fault