SEND Sitting Volleyball - Year 5&6

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Event description



  v     Teams of 6   one team per school although you can book a team into the year 3/4 event as well 

         Minimum squad size: 6 (minimum of 3 SEND players)

·         Maximum squad size: 8 (minimum of 4 SEND players)

·         Group matches: Timed to 10 minutes or the first to 15 points – whichever is shorter.

·         Matches will be 1 set

·         Points awarded: 5 for a win, 3 for a draw, 1 for a loss.

·         Group stages take place in the morning.

·         Top team in each group will play in the medals competition.

·         All other teams will be put into groups and play additional games in the afternoon.

·         Players must keep a part of their body between the buttocks and shoulder in in contact with the floor when playing the ball.

  Players can play the ball with any part of the body.